Grand palaces and villas, parks with lush vegetation and a consistently warm climate   Gardone is a village possessing a special charm. An exclusive vacation resort for the rich in the Belle Epoque, it attracted hordes of the wealthy bourgeoisie toward the end of the 19th century, and has remained one of the most exclusive locations at the lake to this day.

The slightly decadent turn-of-the-century atmosphere combined with the fragrance of blossoming jasmine, magnificent cypresses, palm trees, banana plants, magnolia and cedars lends the town an enchanted character as if here time had come to a stop.

Gardone originally consists of two parts: Gardone Riviera – the elegant hotel area at the lake – and Gardone Sopra – the actual centre of the village, whose colourful little houses, densely overgrown balconies and cute little squares invite you to take a stroll and explore. Another place worth visiting is the famous “Vittoriale degli italiani” – the pompous legacy of eccentric national poet Gabriele d’Annunzio.

Swimming opportunities in Gardone are rather scarce whereas passionate hikers and aficionados of horse-riding get their money’s worth in the mountainous outback.

Gardone Riviera has been awarded a prize for its particularly clean water and its efforts in the local environment policy by Italian environmental group Legambiete.