Isola di Garda, or Isola Borghese-Cavazza, is near Salò in the middle of Lake Garda. Today it is privately owned by the Cavazza family, who live in this magnificent antique villa from the early 20th century all year round. The neo-gothic Venetian-style estate is surrounded by lush vegetation with Italian-style parks alternating with English gardens.

Since May 1, 2002, this gem has been open to visitors, who learn interesting facts about its history and various legends from the 19th and 20th centuries. The tour starts with a beautiful walk through the gardens in front of the villa, and then takes you to two different halls, where the owners offer some refreshments, providing you with the opportunity to taste various local products, such as olive oil and wine.

The tour is given by the owner herself assisted by a number of tour guides.