Lake Garda is not only the largest lake in Italy, but with his unique charm and a Mediterranean climate and the most popular with tourists from near and far.

Tourists from around the world appreciate the inland waters situated between the Alps and the Po Valley. While the northern shore of the lake is surrounded by two thousand metre peaks, the southern bank is already on the level ground.

The high society of Europe and overseas had already discovered the „pearl of Lake Garda“ for itself. The charming landscape and nature, the wonderful climate, friendly people, and not least the culinary delights of the region are among the benefits of these unique lake landscapes.

The project „Villa Eden – Gardone“ offers a challenging group of individuals the rare opportunity to acquire a high-quality domicile at the first address of Lake Garda.

The luxury resort, which was created by international star architects, consists of several villas, of which each represents a unique work, and a 5-star clubhouse with a restaurant in typical regional style and an elegant spa and wellness area. In addition to high-quality amenities and an unparalleled location, the project offers, above all, service of the exclusive kind as well. All these features make „Villa Eden – Gardone“ an outstanding new residential complex for the discerning buyer.



Since the end of the 19th Century Gardone has been one of the most exclusive locations by Lake Garda. Even today you will find neither overcrowded beaches nor tent or camping sites in this area. Instead, harmoniously comfortable grand hotels and Art Nouveau buildings of the turn of the century are strung together. The lake is freely accessible only in a few places, since magnificent private villas, endowed with ancient trees, lay claim to most of the lakeside.

The little old centres are located, forming a balanced whole, slightly raised on the slopes of Lake Garda. As is a former noble holiday resort of the Belle Époque, Gardone Riviera, it is still a synonym for elegance and exclusivity in Italy. The nostalgic mood of the 19th and 20th Centuries is still felt in this location.

Gardone is known and popular for its mild and constantly warm climate and the magnificent vegetation: in addition to lemons, mighty cypresses, palms, valuable conifers grow on the steep slopes of the Gardone Riviera. The small but beautiful district by the lake has a spacious promenade.

Gardone Sopra, the old centre, is located high over the district by the lake with its flower-grown balconies, small squares and stairway alleys. The predominant building by the lake is the venerable „Grand Hotel Gardone“ with a 300 metre terrace.

The beginnings of health tourism in Gardone are due to excellent climatic conditions and an almost heavenly silence in this area of Lake Garda. Attributes which are still unreservedly true for Gardone Riviera. In 1904 the impressive Hotel Savoy Palace was built next to the Grand Hotel.